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Print Security & Control

Track employee printing, reduce costs and keep data secure.

The average employee uses an excess of $1000 in printing resources yearly. We will help your company manage its printing costs and keep data secure by holding employees accountable for every document that they produce.

  • Cost Recovery.Services used for client activities like printing, copying and scanning can be turned into revenue with automated cost tracking. By charging back clients, you turn a cost center into a profit center. Maintain productivity, minimize waste and optimize device usage all while easily tracking and recovering service costs.
  • Rules Based Printing.Automatically enforce printing rules to guide employee choices and limit unnecessary or wasteful output. Redirect jobs to low-cost devices, cut color costs by limiting color usage, reminds users to print duplex to save paper and more.
  • Device Output Management.Effectively manage your company’s print output with a convenient server-based solution. From one centralized interface, you can install, configure, manage, monitor and report on networked printers and multifunction devices. Easily view, diagnose and resolve errors on remote devices and discover issues before they impact employees.
  • Proxy Card Printing.Print securely, enable mobility and reduce waste by queuing documents until users authenticate themselves at the printer by swiping their ID card or entering PIN. Comply with privacy requirements by releasing documents only when users are at the printer.
  • DataLockDataLock Print Security & Disposal. Prevent sensitive data leaks from your copy or print device when you sell or trade it in. Most companies protect their sensitive data from computer or network leaks, but don’t realize that data exists on a printing device’s hard drive as well. We can quickly mitigate the risk of data loss by deleting the internal memory or physically destroying the entire hard drive.